Navigating through state, federal, and local laws governing energy and natural resources is challenging. That's because governments have seen it appropriate to regulate this sector of the U.S. economy in complex ways. At PAMH, we bring together an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of attorneys to advise governments, utilities, regulators, entrepreneurs, large commercial property owners, energy companies, project developers, mining companies, oil companies, logging companies, and other industry members in important aspects of their business. We provide critical and distinctive insights into the operational and strategic issues facing the energy and natural resources industries.


We have a proven record of providing unparalleled legal services on a wide variety of energy and natural resource matters ranging from permitting new operations (e.g. mines, pipelines and transmission lines, water projects, and traditional and renewable power plants), to maintaining ongoing compliance with an ever complicated web of environmental regulations, to acquisition or divestment of large natural resource and industrial projects. We also have a proven track record of litigating high-stakes energy and natural resources cases, and regularly provide services with respect to project finance, pre-development, development, and acquisition of renewable energy sources.