Some place the origins of franchising back in 1851, when an ambitious Albert Singer sought to franchise sales operations of his now-legendary sewing machines. But it wasn’t until the 1960s that franchising took off, with no signs of slowing down more than 50 years later. The International Franchise Association (IFA) estimated that more than 770,000 franchised businesses would exist in the United States by the end of 2014 and that franchising would have added approximately 200,000 new jobs into the economy last year alone.[1]


When it comes to the laws of franchising and distribution, PAMH’s attorneys are some of the brightest in the business. Their extensive knowledge of all aspects of this area of the law (including franchise and distribution relationships, antitrust, distribution chain management, unfair competition, and specific relationship laws such as the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law) was developed through years of consulting with and litigating on behalf of manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and franchisees.


They’ve worked extensively for distribution and franchise systems across a line of industries and business sectors (including hospitality and lodging, construction equipment and automobile dealerships, boat manufacturing, quick service restaurants, mortuary supplies, and others), and have measurable experience consulting with franchisee associations and multi-unit owner groups relating to their distribution relationships and associated rights and obligations. In addition, their transactional work focuses on providing assistance to franchisees with deciding on whether to enter into franchise relationships, reviewing and analyzing Franchise Disclosure Documents, negotiating dealer and franchise agreements, and more. 


The result of all this know-how and hard work? Every single franchise attorney at PAMH currently teaches and writes about franchising on a national level, and all of them are active members of the ABA Forum on Franchising and IFA. In addition, they’ve been recognized on an annual basis by The Best Lawyers in America® for their work in franchising, and Managing Partner of our Milwaukee Office Joseph S. Goode was named Milwaukee’s “Franchise Lawyer of the Year” in 2015 for his work in franchising.

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