You owe it to yourself and family to take the necessary steps to protect the assets you worked hard to acquire, and ensure that those assets get passed along to your heirs. There are attorneys here at PAMH with both the experience and dedication to do just that--those with significant experience reviewing the structures of your business and personal investments to guide you down the right path to protecting your assets. We will assess your circumstances and help establish limited liability companies, family limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations and family partnerships; review and draft contracts to protect your interests in your property and investments; create asset protection trusts; advise you on the purchase of assets; and give you careful tax planning advice.

In addition, we can make sure your estate is managed and thought out by preparing or updating your will, living trust, powers of attorney (POA), health care directive, and organ donation designations. By having and managing your will or trust, you’re helping your family avoid difficult and challenging processes, like going through probate to sort out your affairs or leaving the decision of who is going to care for your children up to the courts or two fighting family members.


PAMH can also make sure that, if your estate is worth more than a million dollars, the rules of gifting will work in your favor, allowing your family to receive a greater share of your net worth at the time of your passing.