What you’re looking for is a law firm that can help you through the complex universe of mining and water law. What you’ll find at PAMH is a law firm that can not only help, but can do so in multiple jurisdictions (with heavy emphasis on Texas and the western United States), with team members who’ve personally conducted exploration and mining activities for a gold mine in Alaska.


Considering the level of personal knowledge, it’s no surprise that our team has represented both small and large mining companies, with business plans tailored to meet their unique needs. We’re ready, willing, and able to structure and negotiate acquisitions, perform title reviews, and assist clients with the legal review, acquisition, and maintenance of water, mineral, surface, and access rights. We’ve helped our clients in obtaining and managing water rights for mining, agricultural, industrial, and commercial real estate projects. We also represent clients in developing business strategies and plans for their mining, water, and agricultural projects, as well as countless other mining and water law needs.